Accelerating Skills Development for People That Live and Work in the Social Care Sector

Prince’s Trust:
Get into Health and Social Care

Prince’s Trust works with partners across the UK to offer hundreds of free courses, grants and mentoring opportunities to inspire young people to build their confidence and start a career in Health and social care.

The CareTech Foundation has supported 132 young people into health and social care careers alongside the NHS, Health Education England (HEE), and other partners. In particular, the Foundation’s grant has helped to ensure that the care sector side of this partnership receives an equal spotlight to the NHS element. 132 have taken part this year, with 27% receiving job offers, 17% in the social care sector.


Andrew was unhappy working in retail before he joined The Prince’s Trust’s Get into Health and Social Care programme.

“My Youth Development Leads from The Prince’s Trust were fantastic. They genuinely cared for me. I was amazed as I went for four interviews on the final day of the course, and all four employers came back and said they wanted to meet me again face-to-face.”

Andrew is now working as a Support Worker in a residential home, and he wants to stay at the company and progress for the next few years.

“Without this course, I would still be feeling fed up at Tesco. Now, I have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I’ve always wanted to help people. I love going home and feeling that you’ve changed someone’s attitude or helped them with something that day.”