Support for People With Physical & Learning Disabilities & Mental Health Issues: Delivery & Increasing Capacity

British Asian Trust:
Mental Health and Wellbeing for all in Pakistan

CareTech Foundation has been supporting the British Asian Trust since 2017. The partnership has developed from transforming mental health services in Pakistan through direct support; 14,031 individuals at clinical and non-clinical levels received mental health services between 2017-2019. After adapting the delivery due to Covid-19, the programme’s reach grew exponentially to engage with 1.5 million people via online and telephone campaigns.

The latest phase of the partnership is supported by the history of embedding the delivery in clinics and healthcare facilities. This programme continues to transform the provision of mental health services in Pakistan, enabling access to support and increasing awareness of mental health to reduce stigma.

1 in 4 are estimated to experience mental health issues in Pakistan.

Since July 2022, due to the maturity of the partnership, the project has been able to get going straight away with 4,035 sessions of 1-2-1 counselling in low-income communities and 16 nurses trained with basic mental health support in five months. The curriculum for mental health training has been developed, established and certified. Ready to start training in January 2023. The Mental Health Coalition has also been developed, with funding from WHO secured.

Almost 90% of people needing treatment cannot access or afford services.