Accelerating Skills Development for People That Live and Work in the Social Care Sector

Breaking Barriers:
Meaningful Employment for Refugees

Launched in May 2022, the partnership with Breaking Barriers aims to reduce high unemployment rates among refugees and, simultaneously, reduce vacancy rates in the health and social care sector. This is the top sector where refugees say they want to work.

Activities will include a bespoke recruitment pathway to support refugee clients in London and Manchester into employment with social care providers, including CareTech. With a target of 530 clients by the end of the year. The partnership aims to build an understanding of our best practice, which can be delivered with CareTech across the country, informing a CareTech refugee recruitment policy and delivering a sector-specific event.

350 clients across London have already accessed support, seven workshops have been delivered, and 86 clients are now actively engaged with education.

“The Foundation’s support has made a huge difference – in leveraging the further investment and helping to make this important development and growth in our work possible. We are hugely grateful for the continued engagement of staff across CareTech, and we will continue to work towards wider staff engagement plans,” Tristan Paton, Senior Philanthropy Manager at Breaking Barriers.

The best thing about Breaking Barriers is they don't allow you to work alone. They work with you every step of the way.