Accelerating Skills Development for People That Live and Work in the Social Care Sector

EY Foundation:
Beyond Your Limits

Building on the CareTech Foundation’s partnership with EY Foundation supporting young people into employment in the care sector, it is now focusing support for young people in care to build employability and careers in social care.

The Beyond Your Limits programme in Manchester aims to support 30,16-17-year-olds in care through a 2-year programme with a series of employability and bespoke interventions.

Already 22 young people with barriers to employment have been supported, increasing their skills and experience with a focus on careers within the care sector. The programme has also grown with the addition of 2 new staff members.

In addition: 93% reported increased motivation to succeed and achieve goals & 61% have a clearer view of what they would like to do after school.

I'm more open-minded and optimistic about my future, and I've also stepped out of my comfort zone, which I never thought I'd do