Support for People With Physical & Learning Disabilities & Mental Health Issues: Delivery & Increasing Capacity

Mental Health and Wellbeing workshops

The three-year grant aimed to support the delivery of Mental Health and Wellbeing workshops to 100 young homeless people per year in Depaul UK’s accommodation projects in the North East of England, alongside training staff and volunteers.

The programme concluded in June 2022, supporting an incredible 459 homeless young people. DePaul’s accommodation provided 120 homeless young people at a time with mental health and wellbeing activities, resources, and tools alongside overall support. All the participants reported an increase in wellbeing and resilience.

The funds have also contributed to mental health training for 241 staff members and volunteers and employing two additional staff members. Feedback on the training has been that it has significantly improved staff knowledge, skills and confidence.

The training provided practical support for my workplace, and I can pass the information gained on to my colleagues, who now all want to do the next training! It gave me a huge confidence boost in being able to tackle suicide ideation and self-harm.
Staff Member