Support for People With Physical & Learning Disabilities & Mental Health Issues: Delivery & Increasing Capacity

Sense International:
Screening & Early intervention for children with deafblindness

In July 2022, The CareTech Foundation began a three-year partnership with Sense International in Temeke, Tanzania, a high poverty district, to provide sensory screening and early intervention for children and advocate for the government to adopt the model.

So far, they have successfully signed Memorandums of Understanding with Temeke Municipality and Regional Referral Hospital.

Four early intervention units have been renovated, and new screening areas are being established at 24 health facilities in Temeke. They are now fully operational and equipped appropriately. Four nurses and three occupational therapists have been recruited, ready for staff training to commence in 2023.

The resources will enable the screening of thousands of babies and children for sensory impairments. The knowledge and facilities will remain with the health centres beyond the project to benefit children for years to come.