Accelerating Skills Development for People That Live and Work in the Social Care Sector:

Employability Programmes

The CareTech Foundation supports initiatives working with young people to improve employability and with those who live and work in the social care sector to develop skills.

With employability programmes like the Disability Resource Centre’s Positive Pathways programme and The Prince’s Trust ‘Get Started’ scheme. At the same time, others help to prepare them by overcoming barriers to work, such as our new partner Breaking Barriers. Alongside skill development programmes, funding scholarships with the University of East London and the Open University, and placements for those within the social care sector.

The social care sector requires support, as the number of vacant posts increased by 55% in 2021/22. By 2035 490,000 (29%) extra jobs will be needed, according to research by Skills For Care.

This year, 1,632 people have received employability and skills development support through scholarships, workshops, mentoring and training. Over the years, CareTech Foundation has supported 2,514 across employability and skills, with 373 people in to work. So far, 53 have entered employment, an 11% conversion rate from those participating in the programmes. Participants have reported a 45% increase in wellbeing and resilience after receiving support, putting them in a better frame of mind for the future.