Accelerating Skills Development for People That Live and Work in the Social Care Sector

Disability Resource Centre:
Positive Pathways

The CareTech Foundation partnership with Disability Resource Centre’s in Birmingham on the Positive Pathways programme, concluded in 2022 after three years.

103 disabled people have been supported this year to move towards their goals and aspirations concerning employment, skills, and training; of these, 17% of participants are now employed. Participants have also reported a 55% increase in wellbeing and resilience after participating in the programme.

Over the course of the programme, 309 disabled people have been supported, and 75 have received new qualifications across higher education and skills for work.

All participants continue to receive support through the weekly Opportunities Hubs, which provide access to job advertisements and application support from the Positive Pathways team.

One participant said he felt “frustrated and felt as if my disability stopped me from going further” before coming to DRC for support after completing the 6-week positive pathway course and receiving help from the vocational specialist. He secured a job as a Fire Inspector; he was overjoyed when offered the job and was grateful for the support DRC gave him in his journey.