The Prince’s Trust

The Prince’s Trust Health and Social Care programmes have achieved their mission of providing vital support to young people from diverse backgrounds, including those from lower-income households or facing prolonged unemployment. The primary goal was to empower them to secure sustainable employment in the health and social care sector while actively promoting inclusivity within the industry. The adaptable programme delivery model provided young individuals with invaluable practical experience in health and social care settings, coupled with robust support and opportunities for skill enhancement.

This initiative holds exceptional significance, particularly in light of elevated youth unemployment and the urgent demand for health and social care professionals. Beyond addressing this immediate need, it also played a pivotal role in nurturing the recruitment and retention of the next generation of NHS and social care practitioners, thereby safeguarding the long-term viability of the sector.

The CareTech Foundation generously extended a substantial grant of £225,000, valid until June 2023. When combined with an additional matching contribution of £640,800 from HEE & DHSC, this cumulative sum reached an impressive £865,800, aimed squarely at supporting up to 320 young individuals in securing roles across these vital sectors.

The foundation further distinguished itself by actively facilitating hands-on experiences for programme participants. They offered placements at various CareTech Group care home locations, encompassing a wide spectrum of roles, ranging from administrative positions to hands-on healthcare apprenticeships. Additionally, they provided mentorship opportunities, comprehensive career guidance, and practical exposure through their Talent Advisory division, CTAL—a subsidiary of CareTech Group specifically dedicated to enhancing skills and workforce development. Notably, CareTech Group employees exhibited commendable commitment by dedicating 4-6 hours per month for a minimum of six months to assist young individuals in defining and achieving their goals, offering steadfast support throughout programme activities and workshops, and providing invaluable guidance, including assistance with CV writing.

It is a source of pride to report that the programme engaged over 9,000 individuals aged 16-30 in the health and social care sector, with a remarkable 98% of participants acknowledging that the programme expanded their opportunities, training prospects, educational prospects, and overall life satisfaction. Furthermore, more than 3,000 individuals received job offers following the programme, and over 2,600 are currently employed, with projections indicating that this number will reach 5,000 by January 2024. Impressively, over 57% of these individuals come from areas of deprivation (IMD1-3), and 67% are 25 or younger.

The far-reaching impact of this programme is expected not only to provide young individuals with opportunities but also to play a pivotal role in shaping a more diverse and inclusive health and social care sector for the future.

One young person who has taken part in the programme is Alex, 24 from Lancashire. He was made redundant during the Coronavirus pandemic but was able to find meaningful work and a new direction through The Prince’s Trust Get Into Health and Social Care programme.

“I’ve always wanted to work in the NHS, but I’ve never found the right path to get into it. I didn’t feel I had some of the qualifications for it. “When I heard about the Get Into Hospital Services course, I couldn’t believe it. I was quite shocked to find such an amazing programme, as I’ve always found it a challenge to get into the NHS. I think it’s an amazing programme, and everyone I’ve spoken to so far has been incredible. I feel very lucky.”

Alex attended a placement at Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital as part of the programme and is starting a job there as a Logistics Services Assistant.

"We are thrilled and honoured to be the first private social care provider to contribute to this initiative. Our young people in this country want to work and want a job where they can help their communities directly. We believe this programme will give young people the opportunities to do that and, in the process, secure a better, more diverse and inclusive health and social care sector for the future."
Jonathan Freeman MBE, Our CEO