Executive Summary:
Wider Ripples & Innovation

Over the course of its five years, the CareTech Foundation has directly supported 1.8 million people, and helped train 2,585 specialists to offer greater support.

But its impact is much wider and longer term. While its programmatic support continues to directly affect people – 10,346 this year alone, with 431 facilitators supported and trained in UK, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Tanzania, the CareTech Foundation has evolved and matured as a Foundation in the last couple of years and its newer grants are increasingly focused on increasing the capacity and ability of their charity partners and investing in research in new approaches and research to create innovation and system change across the sector, as well as direct support.

People Affected

Capacity & Delivery

Investment in
Research & Innovation

In terms of support organisational capacity, one example is its three year partnership with Multi-Agency International Training and Support (MAITS) to deliver the Community Health Worker Empowerment programme in Pakistan and Bangladesh, trained 34 therapists who have trained 144 community health workers and key workers in Pakistan and Bangladesh (so far already impacting 700 families with disabled children), it is also translating teaching programme materials into Bangla & Urdu, alongside six training videos. Another is the investment of Barnardo’s Journey App, reported in previous impact reports, but now being rolled out across the social care sector.

Its partnership with the British Asian Trust to tackle mental health has developed over time and is illustrative of the wider ripples enabled. A curriculum for mental health training within medical training in Pakistan has been developed, established and certified, and is starting to be delivered January 2023. The Mental Health Coalition has also been developed by the British Asian Trust, with funding from the World Health Organisation.

And across the social care sector in the UK, the CareTech Foundation has supported 1,632 people to receive employability and skills development support through scholarships, workshops, mentoring and training this year. Since 2017, it supported 2,514 across employability and skills, with 373 people specifically supported into work.

Over and above this, its influence and impact on the Championing Social Care initiative and the Social Care Leaders Scheme reflects the broader ripple effects that the CareTech Foundation has on the social care sector as a whole.

Through the Foundation’s support of the Birkbeck Toddler Lab, Autistica’s Social care Action Fund, the Longitude Prize on Dementia with Alzheimer’s Society, and The Children’s Trust developing new robotics technology, new developments and approaches will be able to be developed. The outcomes of these projects cannot be counted by people supported, but its impacts will be longer term and potentially much more significant.

We look forward to continuing to work with the CareTech foundation to see the impact, measure and report the impact of these initiatives.