Supporting People With Physical & Learning Disabilities And Mental Health: Innovation & Research

The Children’s Trust

Launched in August 2022, building on the existing relationship between The Children’s Trust and CareTech, a new partnership with The Children’s Trust will acquire a cutting-edge robotic aided gait trainer (RAGT), to support physical therapy and rehabilitation goals in a paediatric setting in the UK.

The Children’s Trust has invested in upper and lower-limb robotics technology to assist young people’s rehabilitation therapy; this has already positively impacted the children’s physical goals, greater freedom of movement, and social interaction and wellbeing. The RAGT would be the first of its kind to be used in a paediatric setting in the UK. For a child who has overnight gone from being able-bodied to needing help to perform even basic tasks, this is a chance to feel like they are walking again and to regain some independence and lost skills.