Trustees Report

Objectives and Activities

For the year ended 30 September 2023

Our purposes
The following is a summary of the Foundation’s purposes as set out in full in its governing document and as available on the Charity Commission register


  • General charitable purposes
  • Disability
  • The prevention or relief of poverty


  • Children/young people
  • Elderly/old people
  • People with disabilities
  • Other charities or voluntary bodies
  • The general public/mankind


  • Makes grants to Individuals
  • Makes grants to organisations

Our aims and the difference we seek to make
The trustees have determined that the Foundation’s work by which to deliver public benefit in relation to its objects should be focused on supporting and championing the social care sector, care workers and those living in care. In particular, the Foundation’s support is particularly targeted on the following three impact areas:

Physical and learning disabilities and mental health
Supporting disabled people and those with long-term health difficulties, including those with mental health conditions and complex physical and learning disabilities.

Skills development for the care sector
Especially for those from deprived and disadvantaged backgrounds to equip them for careers in the care sector.

Supporting Communities
Including the family and friends of CareTech employees facing significant financial hardship or for issues affecting local communities.

The trustees have further confirmed that the Foundation’s support should be devoted to supporting those in need in the UK and in developing countries overseas.

Our strategies for achieving our aims and objectives

The Foundation delivers its key objectives through the following key approaches:

The Foundation supports a small number of significant partnerships with credible and high-quality charities and social enterprises consistent with its three priority impact areas.

The Foundation provides match-funding to CareTech staff’s individual fundraising efforts for charitable causes in line with the Foundation’s Charitable Objectives.

This small grants programme provides support to the family and friends of CareTech staff facing financial hardship or for issues affecting local communities.

The Foundation receives a restricted donation from CareTech to enable us to provide small grants to CareTech staff and those who may recently have left the company who find themselves in significant financial hardship or at serious risk of becoming in significant financial hardship.

The Foundation’s Grant-Making Policy sets out the approach and procedures by which trustees will assess all applications for grants, which are received via an open online application process. The most significant of the Foundations grants (in terms of both spend and complexity) are its Partnership Grants. The Grant-Making Policy establishes that to be considered for the Foundation’s support all partnerships should:

  • involve medium- to long-term investments in innovative and high-impact programmes that will deliver one or more of the Foundation’s objectives;
  • demonstrate and be contingent upon any investment by the Foundation leveraging additional investment; and,
  • where appropriate, enable the Foundation to provide wider in-kind support through the expertise of CareTech’s staff, supply chain and wider network.


As noted above, a key vehicle by which the Foundation is able to add value to its financial commitment to its partnerships is the in kind support provided by the staff of CareTech. CareTech staff are invited to volunteer to support projects supported by the Foundation, bringing their expertise and understanding to bear for the benefit of the project and the delivery partner(s) involved. The Foundation helps to broker such volunteering opportunities, as well as recording the extent and value of this support. The Foundation was, again, grateful for the additional support and expertise provided to it through the secondment programme of staff from the
CareTech Group.

The Trustees well understand the imperative of ensuring that the work of the Foundation is undertaken entirely independently of its corporate founder and that its activities are focused exclusively on advancing the Foundation’s charitable purposes for the benefit of the public. We set out below the achievements made over this last year of the Foundation’s operations in delivering our charitable mission.

How we measure success

With the support of Bean Research, the Foundation has established its Theory of Change and accompanying
Impact Assessment Framework. Our Theory of Change is set out in the schematic below that seeks to articulate
the value that the Foundation can provide, as summarised in our updated Purpose Statement:

“The CareTech Foundation delivers meaningful impact to communities in the UK and overseas by
supporting and championing the social care sector, care workers and those living in care.”

Sitting below the Theory of Change is the Foundation’s Impact Assessment Methodology which provides a common set of indicators by which we assess the impact of our work. This includes a sub-set of common indicators that are used to assess the impact of the work we are funding through our Major Partnerships grants.

The Foundation has published its latest Impact Report based on the Theory of Change alongside this Report the
highlights of which are reported below:

“The CareTech Foundation delivers meaningful impact to communities in the UK and overseas by supporting and championing the social care sector, care workers and those living in care.”

Charity Commission guidance on public benefit

The Trustees have complied with their duty pursuant to Section 4 of the Charities Act 2011 to have due regard to guidance published by the Charity Commission regarding Public Benefit, a copy of which is provided to all trustees on appointment and on an annual basis thereafter.