Trustees Report

Partnership Grants

For the year ended 30 September 2023

The Foundation supports a small number of significant partnerships with credible and high-quality charities and social enterprises consistent with its three key focus areas.

To be considered for the Foundation’s support, any partnership should:

  • involve medium- to long-term investments in innovative and high-impact programmes that will deliver one or more of the Foundation’s objectives;
  • demonstrate and be contingent upon on any investment by the Foundation leveraging additional investment; and,
  • where appropriate, enable the Foundation to provide wider in-kind support through the expertise of CareTech Ltd staff, supply chain and wider network.

Over the period of this report, we entered into the following new partnerships:

We have also continued to support the following partnerships, through which we have directly supported over 1.8 million beneficiaries over the duration of our partnerships.

Community Health Worker (CHW) Empowerment training in Pakistan and Bangladesh

Care Leavers Bursary Grants

An effort to increase retention for the young people studying health and social care.

This year, four of our partnerships came to an end. These were:

Beyond the financial support provided by the Foundation, the support in-kind provided by CareTech Ltd staff to these partnerships is significant. Harnessing the expertise and skills of CareTech Ltd staff in this way often brings the partnership to life and our partners comment on how much they value this contribution. Over the course of this financial year, this support in kind equates to just over fifteen days, at an estimated value of over £9,000 (compared to some £3,308 last year).