Trustees Report

Our commitment to Diversity Equity and Inclusion

For the year ended 30 September 2023

In line with the Foundation’s commitment to promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion across all aspects of its work, the Foundation:

  • recognises that people from different backgrounds bring fresh ideas and a different approach which makes the way we work and learn more fun, more creative, more efficient and more innovative, bringing benefits to the organisation.
  • actively seeks to recognise, value and take account of individuals’ different backgrounds, knowledge, skills and experience to create a more productive and effective organisation.
  • seeks to ensure that all who work for and deal with us feel valued and welcome.
  • strives to ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities in their dealings with the Foundation but recognises that advantages and barriers exist for different individuals. The Foundation recognises that individuals have unequal starting places and that we must make efforts to correct and address such imbalance.


We continue to work on ensuring that our use of imagery fully reflects the demographics of all of our audiences.

In line with the web accessibility guidelines produced by Purple, as part of the Foundation’s commitments to the Purple Tuesday initiative, the Foundation commissioned Destek Accessible
Technology Solutions to undertake an accessibility audit of the website. All of the recommended changes have now been implemented across our refreshed website.


The Foundation is committed to reducing its impact on the planet’s resources and operating as sustainably as it can. The Foundation is committed to supporting a just transition to net zero and reducing the environmental impact of our operations, service delivery and investments. We commit to monitoring our carbon emissions and resource usage, starting by establishing our baseline impact; this will enable us to set meaningful reduction targets.

We will address this commitment through the following areas of work:

  • staff engagement;
  • ways of working and operations;
  • procurement; and,
  • offsetting.

Our fundraising and investment performance
Trustees remain grateful to the Board and shareholders of CareTech Limited for the company’s generous contributions to the Foundation, which accounts for the majority of its funds. Whilst the company has confirmed its ongoing support of the Foundation through its Donation Agreement, trustees recognise the importance of diversifying its income stream and investing wisely for the long-term financial future of the Foundation’s work

Following CareTech Holding’s acquisition by Amalfi Bidco Limited, the Foundation received £5,727,091 in cash and £1,772,909 in Amalfi Topco Ltd shares at the start of this financial year. Following this, Trustees approved an investment strategy for the shares proceeds to provide for long-term income and asset growth and to allow for a good mix of funds allocation for short, medium and long-term investments. In actioning this strategy in this financial year, a total of £1,700,000 was invested with Ruffer LLP; this is a medium-term investment, expected to yield positive returns over three to five years. Trustees also approved and executed a ‘Sale and Lease Back’ property investment in White Cliffs Lodge; the Foundation completed this purchase at a total cost of £3.66m, including related legal costs. The balance of the shares proceeds will be invested in savings accounts and as cash in hand.

Regarding other elements of the Foundation’s Income Diversification Strategy, £11,726 was raised from the Swim Serpentine Challenge by our amazing fundraisers. Richard Hawkes raised £11,364 and Michele O’Brien raised £362.


As host of the Championing Social Care cross-sector initiative, the Foundation received the following charitable
donations and sponsorships:

  • Sekoia, Hallmark Care Homes and Majesticare contributed their annual donations of £10,000 each to
    support the core running costs of the initiative as Founder Patrons.
  • Virgin Money, Compass Associates, Reynolds Potter Chamberlain (RPC) and Kieran Lynch donated a total of £23,000 for the inaugural Care Sector Christmas Lunch.
  • Civitas Investment Management and Christie & Co each contributed £15,000 and Virgin Money contributed £10,000 for Care Home Open Week.
  • The Care Sector’s Got Talent programme received a total of £31,000 in donations: Florence and Marr
    Procurement each contributed £7,500; Person-Centred Software and EF Group each contributed £5,000 and the remaining £6,000 was contributed by Heatlink, Paul Carter Electricians, AFP Wales, Hamilton Deed, Lloyds Carpet and Brent Insurance.
  • The Care Sector Ball received support from Loveday & Co., Addleshaw Goddard LLP, Alex Smart
    Properties, Autumna, Best in Jobs,, Chislehurst, Hallmark Foundation and TLC Care. In
    addition, the Ball was support by table sales proceeds as well as auction sales, pledges and smaller