Partnership Grants

British Asian Trust:

Mental health and wellbeing for all in Pakistan.

We partnered with the COSARAF Foundation to jointly invest in a £1 million partnership with the British Asian Trust by which they will deliver a step change in mental health and well-being provision in Pakistan. In the last year, the British Asian Trust continued its work with the local partners. These partners provide incredible access and support in leading community activities, engaging schools and businesses and providing training and recruitment opportunities for local communities. In the previous year, we extended our partnership with British Asian Trust until 2026. Following the success of the programme in the first three years, the previous year saw 36,000 attendees at awareness-raising sessions, indirectly benefiting 183,330 members of their households through the knowledge they received. 194 frontline workers have received mental health training. The World Health Organisation and Vitol Foundation have joined the programme as funders, ensuring that the next five years of delivery through local partners Taskeen, GIHD and Sehat Kahani, is ensured.