Trustees Report


For the year ended 30 September 2023

Our approach to fundraising

The primary source of revenue for the CareTech Foundation originates from the annual donation provided by its
founding entity, Caretech Holdings Limited. Over the past year, we have made a concerted effort to diversify the Foundation’s
income channels, ensuring its sustained capacity to deliver public benefit.

In alignment with the Foundation’s Income Diversification Strategy, we have opened opportunities for both employees and external stakeholders to participate in fundraising activities with the explicit goal of directing all contributions towards the Foundation’s grants. The Foundation successfully raised just under £12,000, thanks to the exceptional efforts of our two volunteers who participated in the Swim Serpentine event.

Revenue for Championing Social Care in is underpinned by annual donations from a group of Founder Patrons. These donations are secured on a renewable three-year basis, and through them, we seek to cover the core operating costs of the initiative. The CareTech Foundation provides additional in-kind benefits in their capacity as host of the initiative

Each individual programme run by the Championing Social Care team is intended to be self-funded. This is achieved through Partnership Agreements with donors who support with donations of varying sizes. In the case of the Care Sector Fundraising Ball and the Care Sector Christmas Lunch, we also sell tickets to the events. Donors may be corporate entities or individuals.

Regulatory issues

In developing its fundraising efforts, the Foundation has sought to apply the best practice standards of The Code of Fundraising Practice issued by the Fundraising Regulator.

In developing its fundraising initiatives, the Foundation has endeavoured to adhere to the best practice standards
outlined in The Code of Fundraising Practice issued by the Fundraising Regulator. Acknowledging the planned expansion of its fundraising efforts, the Foundation is registered with the Fundraising Regulator, ensuring that all fundraising activities comply with current regulations and adhere to the best practices set out by regulators and professional membership bodies. The Foundation continues to disseminate codes of best practice to supporters and relevant partners, ensuring the application of these standards across all activities.

To date, we have no knowledge of any breaches of The Code of Fundraising Practice. Due to the nature of delivering fundraising across multiple sites through volunteer effort, the Foundation recognises the risk of breaching fundraising compliances. Consequently, the Foundation has conducted a comprehensive review of its policies to ensure their fitness for purpose in light of its extended fundraising efforts.

Fundraising activities for the Foundation are accessible to both CareTech Ltd employees and external shareholders. All information pertaining to fundraising challenges is promoted on the Foundation’s website with links to the official website to ensure transparency. Fundraising agreements are shared with interested participants at the earliest possible time. Recognising that some of our supporters may lack experience in fundraising for charities, additional training and support services are offered to fundraisers upon entering into an agreement with the Foundation.

All fundraising donations are processed through the JustGiving and Give as You Live platforms, allowing the Foundation to monitor fundraising efforts actively. The Foundation engages with supporters through social media, encouraging transparency and communication

The Foundation has a Complaints Policy that outlines how complaints should be dealt with within the charity and when the complaints should be escalated to senior management. The Complaints Policy is available on the Foundation’s website at The Foundation has taken active steps to ensuring the Policy is shared at the earliest opportunity with the fundraising agreements for individuals undertaking fundraising challenges. The Caretech Foundation has received no complaints with regard to fundraising over the past 12 months.

The Foundation regularly interacts with individuals in vulnerable positions as part of its day-to-day activities. To safeguard vulnerable people, the Foundation has a Safeguarding Policy in place and a nominated Safeguarding Trustee. In the current financial year, the Foundation has reviewed its Safeguarding Policy to ensure that vulnerable supporters can undertake fundraising in a safe and effective manner. The nature of the Foundation’s work ensures that all employees are comfortable recognising and working with individuals in vulnerable positions.