Partnership Grants

Birmingham Disability Resource Centre:

Positive Pathways

COVID was a particularly challenging time for Birmingham DRC and its clients, who had to overcome significant challenges caused by obstacles around accessibility of technology and an inability to engage in face-to-face delivery of the programme. Over the three-year partnership, Positive Pathways engaged with 404 adults with disabilities across the West Midlands and South Staffordshire, working with them on individually tailored pathways towards recovery using a person-centred approach through education, volunteering, and employment. The programme beneficiaries were individuals with disabilities or individuals with a long-term condition who were looking to enter or return to employment, training or volunteering. Most beneficiaries were unemployed, and many were likely to lack basic skills including literacy, numeracy, and core skill training. They also lack relevant and recent work experience, appropriate qualifications and current vocational skills. 121 beneficiaries entered employment, education or training following their involvement in Positive Pathways.