Match-Funding Grant

The Foundation provides match-funding to CareTech staff and Service Users’ individual fundraising efforts for charitable causes in line with the Foundation’s Charitable Objects. Any CareTech staff member is eligible to apply for a match-funding grant of up to £350 per year for their charity fundraising activity.

What We Do

The Match-Funding Grant is designed to help you raise funds for a cause that you are passionate about or that is close to your heart. We will match-fund the monies you raise up to a maximum of £350 in a calendar year. The grant can also be awarded to individuals who are fundraising as part of a group; so, each individual would be able to apply!

Who we help

We provide match-funding to CareTech staff & service users’ individual fundraising efforts for a charitable cause

Who can apply

CareTech staff can apply for a match-funding grant of up to £350 per year for their fundraising activity.

Grant Consideration

To be considered for a Match-Funding Grant the applicant must have raised at least £50 for a registered UK charity & provided evidence of the fundraising activity.

Our Key Impact Areas


UK Social Care Sector: Advocate for enhanced recruitment and retention prioritizing individuals from deprived backgrounds.


Carers: Invest in skills development for UK care professionals and provide international support for unpaid carers.


Those Living In Care: Support for disabled individuals through enhanced investment in research and innovation to improve early identification as well as management of care-related conditions.

Our impact in numbers since 2018

We aim to provide match-funding grants to CareTech staff to support your fundraising efforts. Our aim is to deliver impact to those causes that mean the most to you and to increase the number of people we support every year!

Grants Awarded
Funds Awarded

Apply for a Match-Funding Grant

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To apply for a Match-Funding Grant, please click on the button below.

For staff members applying from CareTech sites outside of the UK, please note that grants will be awarded in Pound sterling

*If you are considering applying for a grant from an international CareTech site, we recommend that you contact a member of staff at to discuss the Foundation’s procedures*