Little Princess Trust

We are pleased to award a Match-Funding Grant of £350 to Tammy Pickering, to support the efforts she made to raise funds for the Little Princess Trust.

Tammy shaved her head to raise funds for the Little Princess Trust, a charity dedicated to providing free wigs to children undergoing cancer treatment. With unwavering determination, she successfully raised an astounding £821!

Tammy’s motivation stems from her deep bond with her friend Nicola, who bravely battles breast cancer. In a heartfelt gesture of solidarity, Tammy decided to shave her own hair in support of Nicola’s journey, demonstrating the profound strength of their friendship.

Reflecting on her decision, Tammy shared, “When Nicola was diagnosed with cancer, I wanted to show her that she’s not alone. Shaving my head and raising funds for the Little Princess Trust was a way to stand by her side and support other children facing similar challenges.”

We are immensely proud to support Tammy’s initiative, and through the CareTech Foundation, we have matched her efforts with an additional £350 contribution, bringing the total raised to an incredible £1,171!

Tammy’s selfless act embodies the values of compassion and solidarity that define our CareTech community. Her dedication to making a difference in the lives of children battling cancer is truly inspiring and reflects the ethos of our organization.

Together, we continue to make a meaningful impact, supporting organisations like the Little Princess Trust in their mission to provide vital resources and support to those in need.
The Little Princess Trust is a charity dedicated to providing free wigs to children and young people undergoing cancer treatment. They offer support to families facing the challenges of cancer by providing financial grants, accommodation, and other essential services.