Community Grant

We appreciate that you will have questions about your Community Grant and have endeavoured to address what they might be below. If you have a question that is not listed please email us at:info@caretechfoundation.org.uk


The  Community Grant fund has a limit of £2,500 per application, but the amount trustees award is tailored to each application in line with the fund guidelines.

You are only eligible to receive one grant in a 12-month period – you can apply as many times as you need, but once you receive a grant, we are not able to consider another application from you within 12 months. This is because funds are limited and we want to ensure we can help as many staff members as possible!

If you feel that your application should not have been rejected, please get in touch with a member of staff at info@caretechfoundation.org.uk with any information you think is relevant and can help your application, and we will guide you through the appeal process.

This grant fund is designed to support the friends, family, and community of CareTech employees – this means that we can support a wide range of applications through this fund. Examples of what we have funded include essential costs for sports teams and local clubs, programmes in the local community, donations to the friends and families of staff suffering hardship or bereavement – we aim to award grants that positively affect friends, family, and community of CareTech staff members. If you are thinking of applying to this grant fund and would like to discuss your cause with a member of the team, please contact the Grants and Finance Officer or get in touch with us at info@caretechfoundation.org.uk.

  • Local organisations, charities, teams, clubs etc. that CareTech staff members are part of/use/know of!
    • We often fund e.g. new programmes, funding for kit or equipment, help to create/renovate spaces for these organisations
  • Support for family and friends of staff members who are struggling financially, have experienced unexpected hardships that they need help with. E.g. funding house repairs after damage, help with energy bills during the cost of living crisis, help with funeral bills or living costs after a bereavement, etc.

Apply for a Community Grant

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