Partnership Grants

We anticipate that you will have questions about the Partnership Grants and we have endeavoured to answer them below. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at: info@caretechfoundation.org.uk.


Applications are considered over three rounds.
1st Stage – Online application form – considered by the Grants Committee
2nd Stage – Open format – considered by the full board of trustees
3rd Stage – Agreeing KPIs and award disbursements over the duration of the partnership

We highly encourage applicants to provide supplementary information which can offer greater insight to the programme. You may wish to consider:

    • Videos
    • Images
    • Case Studies
    • List of partner organisations
    • Feedback from beneficiaries


Reviews and reports of proposed programmes.

To ensure we are offering advice specific to the programme we appreciate having conversations with our applicants. We find this helps both organisations develop a better understanding of the proposal and gives us an opportunity to offer feedback throughout the drafting process.

No, programmes must satisfy one primary priority area.

Deadlines for application submission are set at least one month before the Grants Committee meets. Please allow up to six-months from date of 1st Stage submission for a final decision to be reached by trustees.

All applicants receive feedback via e-mail whether they are successful or not. At this stage we will also offer to schedule a virtual meeting to discuss feedback in greater detail.

The Foundation provides all of its partners with a monitoring and evaluation template form.

On average, all partnerships are considered over a period of three years. However, in exceptional circumstances, shorter or longer durations may also be considered depending on the needs of the programme.

If you would like to apply for a Partnership Grant, please click below to start the application process.


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