Application Process

Partnership Grants

The Foundation supports a small number of significant partnerships with credible and high-quality charities and social enterprises consistent with its three key focus areas. Please follow the steps below, if you would like to apply for a Partnership Grant.

Please complete the online Application Form below. Once submitted, it will be shared with the Advisory Council and CareTech staff for comment. Once comments are received, it goes to the Grants Committee, which consists of four trustees, two of whom are independent.

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If you are having difficulty accessing or completing the online application, please e-mail and request a paper or digital/Word version of the application form. We can also provide you with support to fill in the application.

The application will go to the full board of trustees for consideration. Any additional information requested at 1st Stage will be presented at this stage.

Partner organisations agree KPIs against specific timelines for delivery and disbursement of funds before exchanging contracts.

If you would like to apply for a Partnership Grant, please click below to start the application process.


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