In June 2022, The CareTech Foundation began a three-year partnership with the National Theatre to support the delivery of the Public Acts programme, showcasing how the creative and social care sectors can work together nationally to make a lasting impact in communities. A nationwide initiative to create extraordinary and ambitious new works of participatory theatre.

Public Acts this year was The Odyssey, a multi-location and multi-venue programme across Doncaster, Stoke, Sunderland, Trowbridge and London.  170 participants performed on stages nationwide, often for the first time in a professional venue for most people, and 196 sessions took place with community participants across the country. 15 representatives from CareTech Ltd incl. eight young people attended.

The project helped many people who experienced social isolation, childhood trauma, homelessness, chronic pain, and ill mental health. Over 80% of the participants surveyed agreed that it improved their confidence and wellbeing.

I feel stronger, physically and mentally. I'm literally standing taller. I have courage and clarity. It's quiet but it's there. I know it and that's what matters. I'm a better woman for having done this. At a time in my life when so much has been lost, what I have gained is equally hard to quantify. Public Acts has been my secret sanctuary
Community Participant