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British Asian Trust:
Mental Health and Wellbeing for all in Pakistan

CareTech Foundation has been supporting the British Asian Trust since 2017. The partnership has developed by transforming mental health services in Pakistan. Access to mental health awareness and services has directly benefitted 36,666 people.

The latest phase of the partnership is supported by the history of embedding the delivery in clinics and healthcare facilities. This programme continues to transform the provision of mental health services in Pakistan, enabling access to support and increasing awareness of mental health to reduce stigma.

10 mental health clinics were opened in deprived communities in Kashmir.

The launch of a WhatsApp chatbot in 2023 that schedules appointments for mental health services has helped to decrease waiting times from 48 hours to 12 hours and provides immediate support to patients in crisis.

The curriculum for mental health training has been developed, established and certified, training 160 GPs and 175 frontline workers.