The UK social care sector

Prince’s Trust:
Get into Health and Social Care

The Princes Trust works with partners across the UK to offer hundreds of free courses, grants and mentoring opportunities to inspire young people to build their confidence and start a career in Health and social care.


The Foundation funding has supported 322 young people, exceeding the goal of 320, with 131 supported this year with increased employability skills for potential care professionals in the UK; 44 have entered employment into health and social care careers and 11 into the social care sector. In particular, the Foundation’s grant has helped to ensure that the care sector side of this partnership receives an equal spotlight to the NHS element. Overall, the NHS, Health Education England (HEE), and other partners have supported 10,600 young people, and 2,542 have sustained employment in health and social care for 3+ months, predicted to reach 5,000 by January 2024.


Of these, 25% work in Social Care, with the most popular job type being a Health Care Assistant (46%) 

CareTech Ltd staff mentored young people interested in Health and Social Care careers. A Prince’s Trust Youth Development Lead started an honorary contract with CareTech Ltd in May 2023 to support young candidates into employment; 68 young people are part of the project, with 20 projected to be employed by CareTech Ltd.