CareTech Foundation’s support aims to upscale and expand a UK Aid-funded pilot of the programme and support the health and socioeconomic wellbeing of unpaid family carers in Savar, Bangladesh.
The programme has continued the Carers Worldwide Model to support 1,008 unpaid family carers accessing medical advice and counselling. Forming 50 carers groups, a Carers Association and the Bangladesh National Alliance of Carers addressing their social, mental, physical, and economic challenges.

The carers in the programme spend more than 70%  of their time on caring responsibilities. 137 carers were provided with equipment and start-up costs to enable them to begin their livelihoods. The project’s livelihood activities, which were slow to start, are now exceeding expectations, with carers already earning decent incomes. As the project enters its final year, Carers Worldwide is exploring how to disseminate the approach and learning of the project to others. A Dengue fever outbreak in the project area has impacted staff, carers and their families. Group activities engagement decreased, but carers have been supported by their peers. Staff provided information on preventing dengue fever to all families involved in the project.