The Foundation publishes its Annual Report and Impact Report 2022/2023

The CareTech Foundation is pleased to publish its Annual Report and Impact Report 2022/2023

The latest Annual Reports and Impact Reports show our key achievements over the last six years:

  • 1.87 million beneficiaries have been supported by the Foundation by the end of September 2023 with over 63,000 this year alone in the UK, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Tanzania.
  • Over 334 charities supported through its smaller grants
  • Since its inception in 2017, the Foundation has distributed approximately £4.7Million in grants and donations.
  • Three new major partnerships have been established this year.
  • Over 59,000 people living with disabilities have been supported
  • Foundation short-listed for the Corporate Foundation of the Year for second time

Since establishment in 2017, the Foundation has made substantial strides in fostering positive change and enhancing the lives of some of society’s most vulnerable individuals within the social care sector, both in the UK and internationally. Distinguished as the pioneering grant-making corporate foundation in the social care domain, the Foundation embodies a steadfast commitment to delivering meaningful impact.


Our portfolio of strategic partnerships has been boosted with impressive new additions this year, including:

Youth Leads UK

Leadership Programme delivered to 72 care experienced young people in Greater Manchester and the North West. The programme will run from January 2023 to December 2025, offering positive activities to support growth, boost life skills and self-confidence. 32 young people have already joined the programme.

Motivation Charitable Trust

Empowering people with mobility disabilities in Kenya by developing national wheelchair services, raising care standards, and improving quality of life and inclusion. The outcomes will be a model wheelchair service developed at the university (JKUAT), training for future carers, and an improved referral, fit and follow-up system. So far, 234 care sector workers have received WHO Wheelchair Service Training Packages, 12 Community Artisans have been trained for wheelchair repairs, and 39 people have been fitted and issued with a wheelchair.

The Foundation’s Community Grants program extends support to address local community issues and assist CareTech Ltd staff members’ families and friends encountering significant challenges. During this reporting period, the Foundation has awarded nearly £95,000 in Community Grants to 48 local initiatives.

Further to this through the Foundation’s Match-Funding Grant, 54 employees were supported in their charitable fundraising efforts with over £20,000 in funding and the Staff Hardship Fund grants also provided 232 staff with grants totalling over £174,000 in times of financial strain.

“The African proverb has it that ‘to go fast, go alone but to go far, go together. This rings so very true for the Foundation. The Foundation’s success is entirely down to the efforts of all those who have served as trustees since we were first established, all of those who have worked for the Foundation, our incredible partners and the countless others who have supported our efforts. And, of course, these successes come from the vision of our founders at CareTech Ltd in establishing the Foundation in the first place, the company’s incredible generosity throughout and the myriad staff members of the company who have lent their support and encouragement to our efforts”
Jonathan Freeman MBE, CEO of the CareTech Foundation