The Foundation has Launched ‘Match it’!

We are delighted to launch 'Match it'!

We are delighted to launch ‘Match it’ – a grant open to CareTech staff who volunteer for a registered charity. ‘Match it’ is an extension of the Match-Funding Grant and will reward the voluntary work you do for the charities you support.

Unlike the Match-Funding Grant (which remains active), where staff must volunteer and we will match-fund the amount raised up to £350, with ‘Match it’, whether you volunteer once or regularly, you can apply and the charity of your choice could receive up to £350.

This means that along with dedicating your valuable time and sharing your expertise, you can help your chosen charity with a monetary award.

Here’s some helpful information:

  • Staff will be eligible to apply for the grant if they volunteer for a registered charity;
  • The host charity will qualify for an award of £150 if the staff member volunteers on a one-off (but non-trivial!) occasion;
  • The host charity will qualify for an award of £350 if the staff member volunteers on a regular basis (minimum three activities);
  • Multiple staff members can apply individually for the same charity and activity;
  • As with the existing Fund, applications will be limited to one every 12 months.

The eligibility for the grant will be based on the existing Match-Funding Grant requirements but with the addition of a form to be completed by the relevant charity outlining amongst other details:

  • The activity the staff member participated in;
  • Time and date(s) of volunteering; and,
  • Bank details of host charity.

Simply click here and apply for the charity you volunteer for, but remember to ask them to complete the form first!