The Foundation and National Theatre Partnership August Update

Doncastrian Chalk Circle production receives rave reviews!

Following the launch of the Foundation’s partnership with the National Theatre to support its Public Acts programme delivered across the country, we are delighted to share the phenomenal success of the Third Public Acts production. The Doncastrian Chalk Circle, which took place at Cast in Doncaster on 27th to 29th August and featured over 100 local performers alongside professional actors, was a huge success. Below is feedback and a selection of the production’s positive reviews.

‘Over the course of this process, I’ve heard comments like “You are now my family”, “I never knew I had the confidence to even speak to people before”, “I don’t know where I’d be without this”, You’ve inspired me to pursue a career in acting”, “I’ve never felt more comfortable to be me”, “I still have barriers, but I’m getting better.” These are just a few examples of what this project has done.’

ITV News Feature

‘Nobody was ever left alone, someone would just quietly go and stand next to them or go and start talking to somebody. And it was that beautiful recognition of the beauty of humanity and the beauty in all of us and how we all looked out for each other. It was just like watching magic moments happening.#- Mike Baldwin, Doncaster Conversation Club


‘Many of those taking part, especially the youngsters – as cartwheeling mountain children fending off soldiers – radiate a zest you could train for years for and never fully acquire… Ventures like this keep the ladder of opportunity lowered.

The Stage

‘The amateur cast members (too many to fit on stage during the curtain call) hold their own among the professionals – in an era when the phrase ‘levelling up’ feels like empty rhetoric, it’s good to see Public Acts genuinely creating a more level playing field for the marginalised.’