Voke Adjarho, who became a part of our team in 2023, takes a moment to provide insights into her role at The Foundation and shares her enthusiasm for being involved in our mission to deliver meaningful impact.

I joined the CareTech Foundation because I wanted to make a meaningful impact. After completing my university education, I was driven by the desire to contribute to a purpose-driven organisation dedicated to leaving a positive mark on the world. That’s why I chose to be part of the CareTech Foundation family. In my role as Team Administrator, I really enjoy the variety of tasks that come my way. From managing match fund grants to serving as the first point of contact for various stakeholders, my responsibilities are diverse and engaging. I also play a crucial role in collating content for our social media and website posts, organising team and trustee meetings, and conducting reports on the performance of smaller grant programmes.

One of the reasons I enjoy working at CareTech Foundation is its close-knit team and the wealth of knowledge they possess about social care and beyond. Every day presents an opportunity to learn from them. One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is facilitating the matching of funds raised by our staff for their fundraisers. Knowing that these additional contributions are directed towards incredible causes that have the power to change lives fills me with a sense of fulfilment and purpose, which is something I’ve always craved from a career.

During my time at the Foundation, I’ve had the privilege of participating in initiatives involving Championing Social Care (CSC). One highlight was supporting the CSC team behind the scenes at events like the Care Sector Got Talent. It was truly an incredible experience seeing diverse talent from across the care sector come together and showcase their skills.

As I reflect on my experiences at the CareTech Foundation, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities I’ve had and the impact we’ve been able to achieve. I look forward to continuing this journey of growth, learning, and making a positive difference in the lives of others.