Razwan Butt, who became a part of our team in 2023, takes a moment to provide insights into his role at The Foundation and shares his enthusiasm for being involved in our mission to deliver meaningful impact.

I joined the CareTech Foundation in July 2023 because I wanted to be part of the Foundation’s amazing work in changing the lives of those in our local communities, as well as those around the world impacted by our projects. As the Communications Manager, my job is to handle all the news, stories, and updates about the foundation for all our followers and friends. This includes all digital communications, such as social media and our website, as well as more traditional communications like newsletters, the press, and award shows.

I’m fortunate that my role allows me to be involved in so much of what happens at the foundation—from writing articles for publications to attending meetings with partners to see how projects are progressing. This is something I enjoy a lot, as it means I get to hear first-hand the hard work which helps us to deliver meaningful impact and then tell the stories of our success and learnings to the wider world.

Part of what I love about this role is that I get to collaborate with all of the team and even those outside of the organisation. It’s so enlightening because one day I could be reviewing media policies with Jonathan (our CEO), and the next I could be collaborating with Tariq, (Foundation Manager) to identify partnership updates to share online.

During my time at the Foundation, I’ve also been lucky enough to collaborate with the Championing Social Care (CSC) team. This is an initiative hosted by The Foundation that runs annual programmes to share the great stories of the care sector and to shine a light on the fantastic work in social care. One of my favourite experiences in Championing Social Care was supporting Ed (CSC Director) and Tracy (CSC Program Coordinator) in the Care Sector Christmas Lunch.

It was truly amazing to see an entire room full of incredible people uniting with the sole goal of making a difference by raising money for Adopt a Grandparent, who strive to combat loneliness and isolation through pairing volunteers with older individuals.

I’ve had some incredible experiences working with the Foundation in the last six months and can’t wait to see what the future has in store. In just a short space of time, I have been fortunate to see the impact of our work, and I’m excited to learn more, experience more and see more of the Foundation’s success.