CareTech Foundation Secondment Programme 2024!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Foundation Secondment Programme 2024, marking the third year of this initiative. This programme offers a variety of opportunities for CareTech Group employees to enhance their skills through paid secondments with our charity!

We aim to select up to three CareTech Group staff members to collaborate with us, supporting our work while developing their own leadership capabilities. Secondees will join the Foundation team on a specific project central to our mission. These secondments are excellent for current and potential leaders to broaden their skills and experience.

Key Features of the Secondment Programme

Opportunities Available: We have three (3) secondment positions available, each lasting up to three (3) months. These can be part-time or full-time and may be completed remotely and/or at the Foundation’s Potter’s Bar office.

Eligibility: Opportunities are open on a competitive basis to participants in the company’s Management Development Programme or those identified by their line manager as potential managers.

Project Focus: Each secondment will concentrate on a specific project or programme with set targets, including personal development goals.

Reporting: Secondees must submit assignment reports to the Group Executive Committee, their Managing Director, and the Foundation’s CEO.

Compensation: Secondees’ salaries will be paid by CareTech Group during the secondment, with any additional expenses covered by the Foundation.

Click here to view the entire Secondment outlining document.

To apply, please submit a letter detailing your interest in the role, your expected gains from the opportunity, and how it will benefit your development and your team. Include your CV as well.

Note: You MUST provide confirmation from your Line Manager and relevant Managing Director that they support your application and agree to release you from your regular duties for the secondment period, subject to coordinating timing with the Foundation.

For further information, please contact the Foundation’s CEO, Jonathan Freeman, at or Commuincations Manager Razwan Butt at