Empowering Futures: The Prince’s Trust & CareTech Ltd’s impact in Health & Social Care

The Health and Social Care programmes in partnership with The Prince’s Trust has effectively fulfilled its mission of providing essential assistance to young people from diverse backgrounds, including those from lower-income households or experiencing prolonged unemployment. The central objective was to empower them to attain sustainable employment in the health and social care sectors, concurrently fostering inclusivity within the industry.

The three-year partnership with The Prince’s Trust saw 21% of the overall young people involved in the programme joining social care. In numbers, this means 441 of the 3,760 young people who entered the programme went on to secure sustained employment in social care.

This initiative holds particular significance given the heightened youth unemployment rates and the pressing demand for health and social care professionals.
In partnership with The CareTech Foundation, The Prince’s Trust has successfully empowered young people like Zoe to transition into rewarding careers in health and social care. This case study highlights Zoe’s journey from a frustrated graduate to a thriving Crisis Intervention Support Worker, showcasing the impact of targeted support and collaborative efforts.

“Before I started at CareTech Ltd,” Zoe explains, “job searching was getting frustrating. I kept applying, but I never heard back. It was really starting to get me down.” Despite her solid qualifications and passion for helping others, Zoe faced the harsh reality of the competitive health and social care market.
Recognizing Zoe’s potential, Jack, an outreach officer at CareTech Ltd, connected her with The Prince’s Trust. Through our specialized programme, Joe, a youth development lead, provided Zoe with comprehensive career guidance and an intensive mock interview session tailored to the demanding Crisis Intervention Support Worker role at CareTech Ltd.

“The mock interview massively helped,” Zoe says. “I was new to interviewing, and I tend to ramble when I’m nervous. Joe helped me formulate my answers and gave me the confidence to speak clearly and concisely.” The session empowered Zoe to showcase her value proposition and passion for positively impacting the community.
The result? Zoe aced her real interview and secured the senior-level position! “When I was offered the job, I was in shock,” she recalls. “the ladies who interviewed me were so supportive, and I knew I would be in good hands at CareTech Ltd.”