National Theatre Release”The Odyssey: A National Story.” Documentary

National Theatre Release"The Odyssey: A National Story." Documentary

The Foundation’s longstanding collaboration with the National Theatre serves as a vital pillar for supporting the NT’s Public Acts program, demonstrating the symbiotic relationship between the creative and social care sectors on a national scale, fostering enduring impact within communities. Our funding bolsters Public Acts, fostering community engagement nationwide, facilitating the creation of large-scale productions in collaboration with community groups, and advancing new research initiatives for the program.

Fresh from the success of last year’s expansive multi-venue rendition of The Odyssey, the National Theatre unveils its latest offering: a documentary titled “The Odyssey: A National Story.” This documentary chronicles the journey behind the 2023 Public Acts which were supported by funding from The CareTech Foundation, a landmark event that saw the reimagining of the classic tale with the participation of hundreds from communities across Stoke-on-Trent, Doncaster, Trowbridge, Sunderland, and the NT itself. Crafted by the acclaimed director Hanan Abdalla, the documentary offers a captivating glimpse into the making of this monumental production, showcasing the transformative power of theatre in uniting communities. Available for viewing on the NT’s YouTube channel, it promises an enlightening experience for all.