Longitude Prize On Dementia: Helping People Retain Their Independence, For Longer.

The Longitude Prize on Dementia strives to empower individuals living with dementia to achieve greater independence at home and lead more fulfilling lives for longer.

More than 50 million people live with dementia globally, with that number predicted to rise to 153 million by the middle of this century. A progressive and terminal condition, dementia is the leading cause of death in the UK. And although recent ground-breaking developments in treatments have shown it is possible to slow the progression of early Alzheimer’s disease, we are still many years away from a cure. In this context, innovative technology is key to promoting independence and maximising quality of life – which people affected by dementia tell us is so important to them.

Led by Alzheimer’s Society, Innovate UK and Challenge Works, the Longitude Prize on Dementia is a £4.42 million international prize to drive the creation of personalised technologies which are co-created with people living in the early stages of dementia. It aims to enable people living with dementia to live independently at home and more fulfilled lives, for longer.

The Prize was launched in September 2022. We had an astonishing response from an international community of innovators, with 175 applications. An esteemed panel of international judges and a panel comprising people with lived experience of dementia have subsequently selected 24 semi-finalists, who received £80,000 in June. Over the next year, they will develop their pioneering technologies with people living with dementia.

The innovative ideas include a hearing monitor for people living with dementia to help them retain their physical health and independence for longer, and an augmented reality map to prevent people getting lost or confused.

Crucially, the semi-finalists will also benefit from non-financial support from our brilliant partners like CareTech, whose sector-leading expertise will ensure the technologies can be robustly developed and tested. In August 2024, five finalists will be selected, winning £300,000 to develop their ideas further.

Stuart Lilly of the Alzheimer’s Society Said: “We could not be more thankful for the support of CareTech Foundation. Together, we are working to end the devastation caused by dementia.”