Jonathan Freeman MBE, Appointed Board Member of National Citizen Service Trust

The CareTech Foundation is proud to share the news of His Majesty the King’s appointment of Jonathan Freeman MBE, the Foundation’s CEO, as a Board Member of the National Citizen Service Trust.

The National Citizen Service (NCS) Trust stands as a cornerstone in the Government’s youth-focused initiatives, and Jonathan’s appointment adds a wealth of experience and expertise to the Trust’s leadership.
This prestigious appointment solidifies Jonathan’s role as a pivotal figure in shaping the future of the country’s flagship youth program.

Jonathan’s multifaceted contributions in various voluntary capacities substantiate his commitment to social welfare and education. Apart from his role as CEO at the CareTech Foundation, Jonathan holds significant positions across notable organizations :

  • Chair of Trustees, Carers Worldwide: Demonstrating a dedication to supporting and advocating for the needs of caregivers globally.

  • Founder Chair, Social Care Sustainability Alliance: A pivotal role in fostering sustainability and growth within the social care sector.

  • Vice-Chair of Championing Social Care initiative: Illustrating his commitment to collaborative efforts in bolstering social care.

  • Remuneration Committee, St. Anne’s College, Oxford University: Contributing to shaping policies and strategies within the academic realm, showcasing a diverse portfolio of responsibilities and commitments.

The addition of Jonathan to the Board of the NCS Trust is anticipated to bring a nuanced perspective to the youth-focused initiative, incorporating his wide-ranging experiences across various sectors into the strategic decision-making process.

The CareTech Foundation extends its heartfelt congratulations to Jonathan Freeman MBE on this prestigious appointment and looks forward to the positive impact he will undoubtedly make in his new role within the National Citizen Service Trust.


"I am deeply honoured by this appointment and eager to contribute to the incredibly portant work of the National Citizen Service Trust. Empowering young people to fulfil their ambitions and to make the most of their talents, regardless of the challenges that they might face and the increasingly complex world in which we live, is crucial for our country’s future. But, it is also simply what every young person has a right to expect.”
Jonathan Freeman MBE, CareTech Foundation CEO