Bloomsbury Football Foundation Improving The Lives Of Over 5,000 Young People A Week

Bloomsbury Football Foundation is a London-based charity that uses football as the vehicle to improve the lives of over 5,000 young people a week aged 3-18. Their coaching programmes focus on soft skills development, improvements in physical and mental health, as well as improving social cohesion in communities by bringing young people of all socioeconomic backgrounds together.

Young people in London are facing dual physical and mental health crises. 66% of young people in London, where our interventions take place, are currently classed by the NHS as ‘physically inactive’ and Open Doors have reported a 70% increase in demand for child mental health services in recent years. Most important of all are the intersections underlying such data; according to the WHO, it is children from minority ethnic backgrounds and lower-income families who are at the greatest risk of inactivity-related mental and physical health conditions.

As a result of CareTech Foundation’s donation, Bloomsbury Football were able to fully subsidise the cost of 6 young people on free school meals participating in our high engagement programme for an entire term time year.

A parent who benefitted from the subsidy had this to say “Thank you to Bloomsbury Football and CareTech Foundation for your support! In these times having affordable football provision for my children has been a massive help.”