Youth Leads UK

72 young people are set to benefit from Youth Leads UK’s successful leadership programme thanks to funding from the CareTech Foundation

We’ve partnered with Youth Leads UK to support 72 care-experienced young people, aged 12 to 25, across the North West to access skills development and social action opportunities.

The “Youth Leads Cares” programme aims to help young people, focused yet not limited to the BAME community, in the care system with positive activities, skills workshops and employer-led mentoring.

Participants will access a three-month leadership programme to learn about communication, build confidence and boost their career prospects, with practical examples for future job interviews.

This work will take place primarily in Greater Manchester, launching first in Salford, Bolton and Bury. In 2024, the programme will launch in Manchester, Trafford and Rochdale. By 2026, 72 young people will have been supported thanks to funding from the CareTech Foundation.

Participants will also contribute to the youth-led publication Xplode Magazine and design and deliver three social action projects based on issues that matter to them to give them experience in leading large projects.