The Care Workers Charity

The CareTech Foundation worked with The Care Workers Charity (CWC) to support two CWC projects aimed at assisting the UK’s care workers.

The Foundation is pleased to announce the success of its £42,500 partnership, which was established to support 360 care workers and their families through grants of up to £500 each, providing essential assistance during times of financial hardship. This partnership has exceeded its initial targets by awarding grants to a total of 730 individuals. Additionally, it played a pivotal role in revitalizing CWC’s Champions programme, successfully enrolling 80 new Champions.

The CWC Champions programme comprises a dedicated network of volunteers spread across the United Kingdom. Their mission involves raising awareness about CWC, guiding colleagues in need of CWC’s services, and initiating fundraising campaigns to generate funds for the charity.

In a synergistic collaboration, the Foundation worked alongside CareTech Group to contribute volunteers, further strengthening the Champions programme. This collaborative effort enhanced awareness of the charity’s crucial work and extended its reach.

Together, the CareTech Foundation and CWC are delighted with the outcomes of this initiative. It not only provided essential financial support to care workers and their families but also significantly expanded the reach and impact of CWC’s Champions programme. This collaboration underscores the charity’s mission and commitment to assisting those in need within the care worker community.

CWC was shortlisted in the 2018 Charity Times Awards in the categories of Charity of the Year and Change Project of the Year.