Carers Worldwide

Festive Appeal

In a heart-warming initiative, Carers Worldwide was seeking to make a substantial difference in Nepal through their Carers to Carers scheme. Bolstered by the generous support of the James Tudor Foundation, they had secured a significant sum of £5,000 dedicated to training 10 unpaid family carers to become Volunteer Health Workers, helping other unpaid carers in their communities.

However, the mission was far from complete as they needed £10,000 to launch and run this scheme for a year and so were appealing for public support to achieve this goal. The CareTech Foundation stepped in and pledged to match every pound donated, doubling the influence of each contribution.
We are delighted to say that Carers Worldwide successfully raised the amount needed to launch their Carers to Carers scheme. This scheme will have such a positive impact on the 10 unpaid carers training to become Volunteer Health Workers, the 250 carers they will go on to support, as well as their disabled children and their wider families and Communities 


“As I embark on this journey of training to serve as a Volunteer Health Worker, I am filled with anticipation and gratitude. The prospect of gaining new skills and knowledge excites me, and I am eager to contribute to the well-being of those in need. The trust placed in me through this training reinforces my commitment to providing compassionate care and support to fellow unpaid carers.”Goma, unpaid carer who will be trained as a Volunteer Health Worker.



“Our Carers to Carers scheme is so crucial in the community. Every day we see carers suffering from health issues and finding it difficult to access health care. They are so busy caring for their loved ones, they don’t have time to look after themselves. This scheme will provide support and understanding for unpaid carers from their peers, delivered to them in their own home and from people who have been through similar situations themselves. It will promote well-being and create a supportive network within the community. We are delighted that the CareTech Foundation committed to matching donations to our Festive Appeal and want to extend our thanks for their support in this important initiative.”
Anil Patil, Founder and Executive Director, Carers Worldwide
"Thank you so much for your contribution to making this scheme a reality. I am truly excited to witness the development of our Carers to Carers scheme and the positive impact it is poised to have. I can attest to the genuine difference it will make in the lives of both the unpaid carers who will train as Volunteer Health Workers and those unpaid carers they will support. The sense of community and shared understanding among unpaid carers is something truly special, and it fills me with pride to see this scheme moving forward.”
Sushil Man Singh Pradhan, CEO, SGCP, Carers Worldwide implementing partner