Cancer Research UK
Walk All Over Cancer

We are delighted to have been able to match-fund for John Reynolds, a RSW from Greenfields, who completed the ‘Walk All Over Cancer’ challenge last year. With the support of the Foundation, John was able to raise over £500 for Cancer Research UK.

John Reynolds shared his thoughts on the challenge and what the support from the Foundation meant to him below:

“Cancer Research is something that has a very personal significance for me, as I have not only lost a number of very dear friends and loved family members in recent years, but this awful disease has yet again affected my immediate family over the last year or so, and is still causing significant stress and heartache now. Completing the 10,000 steps a day challenge and knowing that I was making at least a small difference has certainly helped, but to have the Foundation, who has no obvious reason to care and nothing (in terms of business) to gain, contribute to your chosen charity is such an amazing and heart-warming thing to do."
"The generosity shown by the Caretech Foundation in helping to fund my chosen charity, and countless other employees and charities too, is something that I have not encountered before in my 30-year working career, and knowing that the Foundation are willing to repeat this, year after year, is something that restores my faith in humanity, especially in today’s troubled times."
"I cannot possibly find the words to properly express my gratitude to the Caretech Foundation, but I know that I’ll be Walking All Over Cancer again, safe in the knowledge that my efforts will be boosted by the CareTech Foundation and real lives will be saved and improved as a result – thank you”.