Breast Cancer UK
100 Mile Walk

Lesley Fuller, a Resourcing Coordinator from Kent, raised over £600 for Breast Cancer UK after a 100 mile walk in a month. Read below to find out what motivated Lesley to take on the challenge and how the Foundation was able to support her fundraising efforts.

“With the lockdown coming to an end, I woke up one morning and decided to start walking to get fit. I then thought why not combine this and raise money for charity, as this will give me the dedication and motivation to complete the challenge. I gave myself a goal of walking 100 miles, which worked out just over 3 miles a day. I started this challenge at the end of May 2021, by the 1st of July 2021, I had walked 96.51 miles, and my end goal was to do a 6-mile walk on the 3rd July. I completed a 6.4 miles walk that put me on 102 miles completed. When I first decided to do this, I never thought I would complete the challenge but I worked through it all and came out healthier and fitter."
"As a Fibromyalgia sufferer, I find it immensely painful to walk a few steps some days let alone miles but I wanted to overcome this pain and help raise money for Breast Cancer UK. I have had family, friends suffer this awful disease, and if I can help just one person that would be amazing. The weather was not always on my side and I walked through rain and pain, as my condition worsens when the weather changes. The end goal was always my motivation and I was not going to give up! The support I had from my husband, family and friends was amazing and I could not have done it without them. This has also spurred me on to keep walking to stay stronger fitter & healthier."
"I was absolutely over the moon that Caretech Foundation was able to match my fundraising by donating £250.00 to Breast Cancer UK. This along with what I raised brings my total up to over £600. I am so grateful and proud of everyone that helped me with this wonderful cause”