Alzheimer’s Society
5k Running Challenge

The Foundation is delighted to match fundraising efforts by Lewis Cutts, a CareTech plc service user from The Millhouse. Lewis took on a 5k running challenge to raise £237 for the Alzheimer’s Society, a charity that is dear to many at The Millhouse. Below, Lewis answers some questions on the Durham City run:

How did you get involved in this fundraising activity?

I was looking for a running event as I have seen my family and staff team do the Race for Life. The manager, Nadine, saw the Durham City Run was moving to a virtual festival and our house was already collecting for the Alzheimer’s Society so I decided to ask for sponsorship from my staff and my family.

What did you find most challenging and rewarding about this event?

I have had lots of operations on my legs when I was little so I used to use a wheelchair if I was going far. I have been going to the gym, using an exercise bike and walking every day during lockdown to build my strength. I am used to walking 5k but I haven’t ran that far before so it was very hard! The course was all uphill at the start and it was hot. It was very hard.

At the end, I was dead proud. Lots of people said ‘Well done’ when they saw my T-shirt number and I even got a free doughnut and coffee in Greggs when I told the lady what I had done! I got a medal and a certificate to keep on my wall and lots of photos on my tablet to show everybody.

Why did you pick this charity/ies to raise funds for?

Nadine picked the Alzheimer’s Society because they helped her granddad and the nurses need help to look after older people.

How did your support workers help you in completing the challenge?

Lewis walking alongside the river during the event.

Nadine booked the place and everybody helped me to train by doing my activities every day. James took me and we followed the map from Durham Castle around the town and back to the Cathedral. James carried my drink and kept cheering for me when I was tired. When I finished, Nadine got my medal and T-shirt in a frame for my bedroom.

How do you feel knowing that the CareTech Foundation supports you?

It feels really good knowing we can give more money to the nurses who look after so many people.

Lewis’ final words were to encourage everyone to get involved as it was fun participating – and you get free Greggs!