AIM Northwest

Caroline Beddow, a CareTech plc Tender Manager was awarded a Match-Funding Grant of £180 to support her efforts to raise essentials funds for the AIM Northwest’s Stepping Out Against Domestic Violence challenge. Below, she outlines the challenges she faced and why she is so passionate about this cause.

“As this year marks 20 years since I became a survivor of domestic violence, after a knife attack by an ex-partner I decided to take on AIM NorthWest’s Stepping Out Against Domestic Violence challenge to celebrate the life I have created for me and my family whilst helping raise awareness and funds for this great cause."
"The challenge aimed for volunteers to work together to complete at least one step for every domestic violence victim that was reported in the last ten years and I personally pledged 310,000 steps during March."
"Working from home means a 13-step commute and I’m not a lover of exercise or bad weather, so this was quite a challenge in the unpredictable Manchester climate. I walked through sun, wind, rain, hailstone and snow, experiencing every season (sometimes in one day). I managed to cover 341,453 steps (267km/165 miles), walking for over 61 hours, with an accumulative distance that would have left me just 4 miles short of a walk from home (just outside Manchester) to Wembley stadium, raising £360 with the CareTech Foundation’s generous Match-Funding.”