Headroom Young Peoples Charity

Headroom Young People’s Charity provides a range of specialist therapeutic services to young people aged 11-25yrs and their parents in the NE Hampshire, Surrey border area.

Headroom’s services support those suffering with a range of mental health issues and complex adverse circumstances are in huge demand, and as a result Headroom have experienced a 110% increase in the number of referrals they received last year, and have growing numbers being signposted and referred from the local Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service(CAMHS).

All forms of trauma and anxiety disorders have been the dominant issues resulting in poor mental health, school avoidance and attendance issues, social isolation, self harming and suicidal behaviors

The impact of Headroom’s work can be profound and life changing, with 95% of young clients experiencing an average of 38% growth and positive change across competencies like emotional management, managing relationships, self-advocacy and self-determination. These competencies allow young people to better manage challenges and traumas, and grow in confidence.

Through Headroom’s sessions, they learn what does and doesn’t work for them, and how to put in effective boundaries, to keep themselves emotionally and physically safer. This in-turn allows young people the freedom to focus on their education and enjoy healthy social lives that help address feelings of isolation and depression.

“I like it here, it feels calm and I can fiddle with things that helps me talk, my counsellor was really good and things are getting better for me, I don’t miss as much school as before” – 14yr old non binary young person with undiagnosed Autism.

“I’m so grateful that we found you. I really don’t know where we would be now without the care and support for me and J from you both. J is back to her normal self and I have learnt so much from you. Thank you, I really can’t thank you enough.” Mum of 17yr old daughter suffering anxiety and depression.

Headroom’s funding strategy for the next 3 years is to focus all efforts on increasing their capacity, offering more sessions, seeing more young people and reducing waiting times on growing waiting lists. No young person courageous enough to ask for help should have to wait for long periods to receive the support they need. The funding provided by The CareTech Foundation will contribute this drive to expand these offering and help more young people in a timely manner and prove people do care and do want to help them.