The Together Project
Crafting Connections

We are delighted to award a Community Grant of £10,000 to The Together Project to support Crafting Connections. Through this project, children and older adults in care homes are partnered up to create artwork on a given topic each month and swap it in the post, along with some themed ‘fun facts’ about themselves.

Demand for Crafting Connections has been overwhelming high and confirms its importance and value in care homes. There is currently a waiting list of 60 children who would like to be paired with a new older friend. For a flat fee of £10 per month, care homes can sign up as many residents as they want at:

The need for Crafting Connections is evidenced by a study of 128 care home managers that showed 79% reported that lack of social contact caused a deterioration in health and wellbeing of dementia residents. (Dementia UK, from Grace Macaskil, Mirror July 5 2020). Additionally, research also shows that every £1 invested in tackling loneliness can save £3 in health costs. (Mcdaid, Bauer & Park, 2017)

Crafting Connections is run by national charity The Together Project. The charity boost wellbeing, reduce loneliness and foster stronger, happier communities by creating joyful intergenerational experiences.