The Foundation helps to improve the quality of life for Heidi-Lou – a 9-year old girl with Quad Cerebral Palsy

We awarded Tanya Davis-Walkden, Acting Business Development Manager at CareTech plc, with a Community Grant to ensure a family friend, Heidi-Lou, could undergo a life-changing operation.

Heidi-Lou’s family have undertaken several fundraising challenges to raise funds for this hugely important operation. So far, they have managed to raise half of the £25,000 they require.

Heidi-Lou has Quad cerebral palsy and will need several further operations and the funds raised from this campaign were used for a critical operation, which will allow her to have greater freedom and reduce the pain she experiences.

Tanya was keen to support Heidi-Lou, to ensure she could have this life-changing surgery and was extremely pleased with the help she received from the Foundation. Quadriplegia is a form of cerebral palsy that is characterized by the lack of the ability to move or feel both arms, both legs, and other parts of the body affected. Quadriplegia in cerebral palsy is caused by an injury to the spinal cord, which sends messages to body parts important for movement and sensation.

“Quad cerebral palsy means all Heidi-Lou’s limbs are affected. I work very hard doing her physiotherapy and stretches to help loosen her muscles daily. She wears splints on her feet and also wears a Lycra suit to help support her posture. This surgery has helped change her life and prevented any further surgeries as she goes into adulthood. It has helped with her pain and has opened up so many opportunities, milestone, possibilities and most of all happiness.”
Katie, Heidi-Lou’s mum
“I am thrilled the Foundation has been able to support Heidi-Lou with essential funds that will improve the quality of her life. The operation has helped Heidi-Lou to be more functionally mobile and independent and to have greater participation in her education. The Foundation is committed to supporting CareTech plc staff and their causes and to maximising a positive impact on people’s lives.”
Jonathan Freeman MBE, CareTech Foundation CEO