The Purple Angel Dementia Awareness Campaign

The Foundation is delighted to announce it has awarded a Community Grant of £2,500 to the Purple Angel Campaign. Norman Mc Namara, Founder of the Campaign, developed the idea to provide 157 free MP3 players (and headphones) with up to 20 songs to help offer joy and comfort for those living with Dementia in the UK. The personalised songs will also help to trigger memories.

The aim of the Purple Angel Dementia Campaign is to raise awareness, give hope to and empower people with dementia by giving out information on how shops, businesses and other services can support people, young and old, who have these progressive diseases.


On the initiative, Norman, said:

“The difference we are making to 1000s with dementia is tangible and can be seen in action right in front of the carers and families’ eyes. We do all this absolutely free and any donation no matter how small will help.”