Deafblind UK

The Foundation is delighted to award Deafblind UK with a Community Grant of £2000 to fund a Summer Camp for up to 50 young people with Usher Syndrome.

Deafblind has been supporting people with Usher Syndrome for over 90 years. There are approximately 1000 young people in the UK today who have Usher. Usher children are born deaf, and then start to lose their eyesight in their teens.

Deafblind will host a Summer Camp in Wales from 25th to 29th July 2022 for children from 12 to 25 with Usher. The camp will be run mostly by people with Usher. The Camp will allow up to 50 young people the opportunity to ask questions, meet others who are similar to them and make lasting memories.

The Summer Camp will feature:-

  • Yoga sessions and wellbeing discussion to help young people identify what works for them to manage their wellbeing
  • Self-advocacy development activities – to help these young people feel more confident describing their needs and what works best for them to peers, family, colleagues, in public etc.
  • Camp fire and s’mores
  • Picnic by lakeside (Fell Foot National Trust)
  • Wish tree – the young people will write their wish and tie on a tree within the camp grounds.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the children and their families to have fun, relax and celebrate life!