Partnership Grants Guidance

Who we support

The Foundation endeavours to support high quality projects that are consistent with our key objectives. Any partnership must support one or more of our key priority impact areas:

  • Physical and learning disabilities and mental health. Supporting disabled people and those with long-term health difficulties, including those with mental health conditions and complex physical and learning disabilities.
  • Skills development for the care sector. Skills development for those from deprived and disadvantaged backgrounds for careers in the care sector.
  • Supporting our communities. Supporting the family and friends of CareTech Holdings Limited employees facing significant financial, challenges as well as issues facing local communities.

In addition to this, to be considered for the Foundation’s support all partnerships must:

  • involve medium- to long-term investments in innovative and high-impact programmes that will deliver one or more of the Foundation’s objectives.
  • demonstrate and be contingent upon on any investment by the Foundation leveraging additional investment
  • enable the Foundation to provide wider in-kind support through the expertise of CareTech Holdings Limited staff, supply chain and wider network.


How to apply

We have a three stage application process:

  1. Apply online. We acknowledge receipt of application by email within one week and will provide feedback on the application within one month.
  2. If the application is one which demonstrates a good fit with the Foundation’s priorities, it will be given preliminary consideration by the Board of Trustees.
  3. If the application passes the 2nd stage successfully, the Foundation may request additional supporting documents to complement the application prior to review by the Board of Trustee’s for a final decision.

To apply for a grant from the Foundation you will need to submit a preliminary online application form. To access this form, you must first answer a few initial eligibility questions.

The preliminary application form offers the opportunity to tell us about your organisation and the work you would like us to fund and why. Your application should demonstrate how your organisation is consistent with our key priority impact areas. Please ensure the questions in the application form are answered fully. This will allow us to understand and recognise whether the foundation is able to support your work.

Once applications are submitted, the reviewing process will begin. If an application is successful in passing the first stage of the assessment, the Foundation will contact your organisation for additional information about your project which will include supporting documents, such as a detailed budget breakdown.

The Foundation accepts applications all year round and submissions will be reviewed on a regular basis. Once we have acknowledged receipt of your application, it takes approximately three months to receive a decision from the Foundation. You do not need to contact us once you have received acknowledgment; if we require further information we will get in touch.

Thank you for your interest in CareTech Foundation. If you further advice or guidance please email


Guidance for specific section sections of the online application

Preliminary application form

Contact information
First Name
Last Name

Job Title
Please enter your full position or job title within the organisation.

It is important that you enter a valid email address. Our main form of communication will be via email.

Contact number
Please provide the telephone number of the contact who is applying for the grant on behalf of your organisation.

Information about your organisation

Organisation Name
This should be your organisation’s legal name as it appears on your governing documents and Charity Commission register.

Charity Number
For UK based charities, please enter the charity number that is registered with the Charity commission. For applicants based in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany or the USA, please enter a registration number which relates to the legal status of your organisation

Company number
Please enter the company registration number which relates to the legal status of your organisation.

Please enter the URL of your organisation’s website.

Please enter the full address to be used for future correspondence.

Contact number
Please enter the organisation’s main contact telephone number.

What does your organisation do?
Please explain what your organisaton does on a day-to day basis. Include the aims and the main services you provide in order to meet your objectives.

Project information

Project title
Please include the title of the project for which you are applying for funding

Proposal summary
Please provide a clear summary of what your grant request is for. Your answer should include the following:

  • The project aims
  • The need for the project
  • Why your organisation is best suited to deliver this work
  • How the work will be achieved

Please detail how your proposal aligns with the Foundation’s objectives and impact areas
To be successful, you must be able to demonstrate how the work you are seeking funding for aligns with the Foundation’s objective and impact areas. Please give clear examples of how your project will do so.

Please detail the evidence of the need for the project. If you have Theory of Change for the project, please include this.
Please provide detailed information, including facts and figures and any supporting research, that demonstrates the need for your project. This will allow us to further determine how the Foundation can support your work.

Please describe the change that the project will deliver, including specific targets. Please include details of specific outputs and outcomes of the project.
Please highlight the services or activities you plan to deliver over the full grant period requested. Your answer should also explain what the main outcomes and changes that result from the work that you project will deliver.

How will you measure the success of the project?
Please indicate how you will measure the success of the project. This should include, clearly defining your indicators to allow us to better understand how you intend to implement change. What monitoring and evaluation tools you have in place to track and measure progress. Additionally, if your project outcomes are going to be measured in stages, such as intermediate outcomes then please also highlight that.

Why is your organisation best-suited to deliver this project. Please detail your track record in delivering similar projects.
Please describe what your organisation does and demonstrate your track record in doing so. Include examples of successful partnerships that have resulted in positive and impactful projects being delivered. This question allows you to highlight your organisation’s unique expertise and ability to address the need highlighted.

Please detail how CareTech Holdings Limited staff be able to support the project?
One of the Foundation’s key objectives is to provide wider in-kind support through the expertise of CareTech’s staff, supply chain and wider network. Please can you explain the advantage of having access to CareTech’s staff and wider network. Where possible indicating specific examples of how CareTech staff will support your project.

Project information – Budgets

What is the total cost of the project?
Please indicate the full cost of your project and the split across years (where applicable)

What is the grant amount you are requesting?
Please indicate the total amount of funding for which you are applying.

Please demonstrate how any investment by the Foundation will leverage additional investment.
Foundation support is contingent upon its support leveraging additional support. This is most usually achieved through a match-funding arrangement, in which case set out how and from which sources match-funding will be achieved. The trustees will also consider additional routes by which its investment will unlock wider support, such as through revenue generation, etc.

Budget breakdown

Please attach an outline budget breakdown including:

  • the total cost of the project
  • what funds you have secured to date
  • who else is funding this work
  • what this grant will cover

If your application successfully passes the first stage, we will request a further detailed budget breakdown including all costs associated with the project.